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Broader coverage quality, scope and high limits differ our products. We are open minded to create a product that meets your expectations and cover risks in full.

Personal Accident Insurance
Providing Personal Accident insurance we care of you and your company personnel life quality and career which can be affected by unexpected health events.

Accidents, such as road traffic accidents, work accidents, slip, trip and falls, sports injuries or critical illness always shows up at the most unexpected moment and cause not only physical or moral pain, discomfort, but financial problems as well.

BUNDA can exclusively offer wide range of coverage options, including high limits and increased risk leisure activities.

Range of coverage

Main risks
  • Accidental death
  • Disability due to accident
  • Injuries

Additional risks
  • Minor injuries
  • Infectious diseases
  • Critical illnesses
  • Extended disability
  • Hospital daily allowance
  • Daily allowance
  • Medical expenses
  • HIV
  • War & Terrorism

Product advantages

  • No requirement to fill in medical form for main risks coverage.
  • Sums insured can be according your choice to 150.000 €. Higher sums insured up to 15.000.000 € are available after risk underwriters approval.
  • Insured Person can be children and persons up to 80 years old.
  • Insurance protection is valid 24 hours a day.
  • Territorial scope: worldwide.
  • Insurance benefit is paid notwithstanding how many other valid insurance policies at other insurance companies you have.
  • Extensive list of critical illnesses (23+)
  • If you choose extended disability cover – in case on total disability insurance benefit doubles.
  • Individual or group sports-leisure activities not held by a sports organisation like jogging, riding a bike, horse riding, playing basketball, football, skiing, tennis, yoga are automatically covered.
  • You can choose insurance plan you need according to your activities, interests and financial needs.

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General Liability
General liability insurance is coverage that can protect Company’s business from a variety of claims including personal injury or property damage and others, that can arise from the business operations. Coverage provides reimbursement for third party loss due personal injury of property damage, as well as compensation for immaterial damage or any other consequential financial loss as a result of personal injury or property damage.

Range of coverage

Main risks
  • General (Public) Liability insurance
  • Product Liability insurance
  • Pollution (sudden & accidental)
  • Employer’s Liability

Additional risks
  • Care, custody & control
  • Subcontractors liability
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Directors & Officers Liability
Directors & Officers insurance is a type of liability insurance covering Directors and Officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of Directors and/or as an Officer. Directors & Officers insurance can be written to cover the Directors and Officers of public companies, privately held companies, listed or non-listed companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions or other enterprises. The main function of Directors & Officers insurance is to cover claims resulting from managerial decisions that have adverse financial consequences. The truth is that liability of a company is limited, while Director‘s - unlimited. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is now a prerequisite for attracting and retaining key people as they operate in an increasingly complex environment with expectations of stakeholders higher than ever before.


  • Limits from 500.000 € up to 15.000.000 €
  • Primary and Excess Coverage available


Basic cover
  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Company’s reimbursement

Additional cover
  • Entity cover
  • Outside entity cover
  • Employment entity liability

Basic extensions
  • Emergency cost and expenses
  • Mitigation costs
  • Regulatory crisis response
  • Public reputation costs
  • Assets and liberty costs
  • Coverage for non-executive directors
  • Coverage for retired directors
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Cyber Risk Liability
Cyber security and information protection can be challenging for companies of all sizes. Cyber risk insurance can be tailored to address the specific technology, cyberrelated, and data risks for a variety of industries including but not limited to technology service providers, telecommunications, financial services, professional service firms, and healthcare-related risks.


  • Limits from 250.000 € up to 5 million €
  • Primary and excess coverage available


Basic cover
  • Multimedia liability
  • Security & Privacy liability

  • Privacy notification & Crisis management costs
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Business interruption
  • Extortion
  • Loss of electronic data
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Freight Services Liability Insurance
Carrier's liability is regulated by international road haulage contract (CMR). Cover of this insurance, without prejudice to the CMR convention, extends beyond the boundaries of convention. Freight services liability insurance covers carrier‘s, freight forwarder‘s, storer‘s civil liability to third parties.

Organizing the transportation of the different modes of transport (land, sea, air, rail) the relationship between the parties are regulated according to conventions of specific type of transport mode.

Range of coverage

Main risks
  • Carrier‘s/Freight forwarders‘s civil liability
  • Errors and omissions
  • Warehousekeeper‘s civil laibility
  • Third party liability
  • Freight demurrage and defence cover

Additional risks without separate coordination
  • Gross negligence
  • Debris removal
  • Damage to transport equipment and other cargo
  • Cabotage carriages according to local legislation
  • Sub-contractor‘s liability
  • Consequential Loss
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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is provided under standard Cargo insurance conditions, which is approved by the London Insurers Institute. There are three different insurance cover options: "A", which are commonly referred as "all risks", "B" and "C", which are named perils basis.

BUNDA provides Cargo insurance for one time shipments policies, annual policies or general contracts with cargo online declarations.

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New Products
Our purpose is to provide our customers best insurance solutions which solve their problems. We appreciate every our client request and opinion which help us to understand their needs better. Please, let us realize your needs and find the best solution for you. Let your wishes for your risk management be our concern and challenge.